The Festivals

They offer an artistic gathering and create intercultural and intergenerational links between a passionate theatre and French language. They are meant to be creative projects stimulating the desire of expression for everyone.

Our main goal is to help the young acting companies produce their play: understand the French text, create the staging and develop interactions with the audience.

Special Events

We invite performing arts professionals (directors, actors, artistic directors etc.) from different cultures to participate with French teachers and students in the process of:

  • Discovering Francophone theatre
  • Helping directing the plays
  • Sharing skills, experiences and creativity

The Think Tank

We are running a think tank to study the effects of theatrical learning on language acquisitions:

  • Measure the results, progress in understanding, pronunciation, interpretation and spontaneous expression.
  • Study the increase of empowerment in learning the theatrical work which is necessary for the creation of the staging.