Special Events

Francophone Youth Theatre – 2016

Master Class: Use of theatre workshops in French classes

In this Master Class, you will acquire bases and technics to lead a theatre workshop in French.


  • Theatre basics: Body, Space, Voice, Confidence and Listening, Acting, Staging.
  • Workshop on play analysis: How can we transform a text into a staging?
  • Creation of theatrical workshops in a classroom: How to set up theatrical workshops with students? How to make them work on characters’ profiles? How to direct a short play? Teachers will learn to change their posture and become “artistic directors”.

David Lescot in Chicago – October 6-7

David Lescot (bio), writer, director, actor, musician, was in Chicago [October 6-7] for debate-conferences in schools.

He has come and discussed about his professional experience to an audience of students and teachers of French. In particular, he has turned now for years his work to theatre for teenagers and young adults.

David Lescot met with teachers involved in the Festival and with FYT team on the Friday evening. We shared interesting points of view about theatre, Chicago, culture and pedagogy. He also met with the Alliance Française to discuss about future events in 2017.

He obtained the “Molière de la révélation théâtrale” in 2009 for his play La Commission centrale de l’Enfance.

He is an associated actor at the Théâtre de la Ville in Paris.


En 2015, David Lescot créé à la demande du Théâtre de la Ville dans le cadre de l’Aménagement des Rythmes Educatifs J’ai trop peur, un spectacle à destination du jeune public sur l’entrée en sixième.